How to Prepare For Your First Blogger & Influencer Event

Working or attending Influencer/Blogger events can often be pretty intimidating. We sometimes feel under-prepared or overwhelmed by the amount of opportunity that could be before us. This overwhelming feeling can cause us to shut down and not perform or socialize at the best of our ability. Trust me I know this feeling too well but here are 7 tips that help me prepare for a networking event or an event that I am hosting.

(1) Know what you want out of it:

Knowing what the ultimate goal is for yourself and the business you are partnering with will help give you guidance on where to start. For instance, maybe the goal of the event is to get your followers into the door of that business during the event and the company you have partnered with is measuring the event’s success on how many people come. Your job would be to promote the event ahead of time and create an incentive for those followers to come. For you, whether or not your followers show up, it is still helpful to have a personal and professional goal for the event. Here’s an example: ” 5 of my followers showed up, I was expecting 15″ but, I gained 5 new connections I previously didn’t have and now I know who these new friends are and I will continue to stay in contact with them, maybe next time I can support their event and meet even more new people. You get where I’m going with this? Knowing what you want out of an event can be as simple as writing it down and creating an action plan to make it happen!

(2) Do your RESEARCH:

I know the word research might give you flashbacks to your sleepless college days but I promise it is so important when working with brands.

Here are some really important tips to know before attending or hosting a blogger networking event:


(3) Look up the event host or company you are partnering with:

Most likely the person or group that is hosting the event is well connected with the blogger community and knows a lot of brands and businesses you can connect with as well. So the best thing to do is follow them on all social media platforms. Even better, see who they follow and connect with those people as well. Find out what the event host does, know their story so when you meet them or connect with the company you can be well aware of what they stand for and what you can offer each other.


(4) Before an event, you will probably be a nervous wreck but most importantly RELAX.

Everyone attending is just as anxious as you are.

Take a moment while you are getting dressed or doing hair and makeup to listen to music that will put you at peace. Maybe even listen to an audiobook or something that will distract you from your racing thoughts.


(5) When you get there remember, Be Yourself but Be Memorable.

When networking, people can sense when you are not being authentic. So if you are talking too much about yourself or your accomplishments sometimes people can take that the wrong way and will be less willing to want to build relationships with you. You also want to be sure to come across approachable, a simple smile or “My name is___London_____ “ can go a long way.


(6) Stay ready to Connect, so remember, this is a networking event so coming empty handed might backfire on you.  

Bringing business cards or even a notepad may seem played out but it actually shows you are prepared to get everything you can from the experience.  It can also be an awesome way to stay connected with the people you met once you leave the event. Which leads to the last tip I have for you.


(7) Favor in the Follow-Up.

The whole idea of a blogger party or networking event is to connect with people that have similar interest and passions as you and to STAY connected. The easiest way to connect with people you met after an event is to go to their social media and either send them a message or an email that looks something like this:


“ Hi Jenny, this is London Kasmir I met you at the blogger event last weekend and it was so great talking to you.  I would love to meet up for coffee and talk more about your blog. I love your Instagram feed by the way! I look forward to a response.



This shows you are interested in what they do but it also gives you the opportunity to see how you can help each other out.

Building and maintaining these relationships is critical in the blogger and influencer world because you never know who people know and you won’t find out until you ask.


So put yourself out there girl and remember your dreams don’t work unless you do!

I hope this article was helpful to you and I can’t wait to hear your success stories after you’ve tried a few of these tips.

Comment below if you want to share or if you have any questions!