We all have certain things we plan to change or want to improve on in the new year.  If you are anything like me, your organization skills are a little sketchy. You may need a few tips to help you keep your space and life in order.

Here I gathered a few of my favorite “reset my life” hacks that I think will help you start the new year off right.

1.Organize your closet:

My closet is one space that can get overwhelming really quick. Investing in skinny velvet hangers has helped me condense my over-packed closet, the hangers are so skinny it allows room for more options. The velvet material prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger and falling onto the closet floor (also prevents me from thinking I lost clothing items that are really just on the floor).

Organizing my clothing by color also saves me so much time in the morning or whenever I am choosing an item.  If I want to wear a black shirt I know exactly where to look.

2. Keep a donation bag in your closet:

Ok, how many of you try on something in your closet and you know you will never wear it again but you still hang it up?

I am beyond guilty of this! I recently started keeping a donation bag in my closet for the things I do not plan to wear anymore. This is a great way to free up extra space in your closet, the next time you are out and about you can simply just take your donate bag to your local goodwill or second hand store and donate-quick way to get a tax write off too!

3. De-clutter sessions on repeat:

Setting time aside each week to tidy up and organize things that seem to be out of control makes it easier for you to manage consistent organization. If you wait until you are completely overwhelmed it makes the whole process a lot harder when you do  finally set the time aside. You are also more likely to continue to put the organizing initiative off if you feel like it may be a project too big for you to take on.

Consistently setting aside time where you can get your space organized little by little will help you stay motivated to keep it that way.

4. Put your thoughts on paper:

Let’s admit, we all have so much going on at every time of the day. I have gotten into the habit of always writing things I need to do down or even thoughts I don’t want to slip my mind I will type reminders in my notes app.

I even do this with short term goals I plan to achieve every month. This will not only keep you motivated but there is something about your goals being written down in a checklist style list that keeps you accountable to yourself. These goals will keep you motivated and focused on your overall purpose when you feel the least inspired.

Girl, you have no time for nonsense this year! Start something today that will create a more organized and purpose filled tomorrow that will keep you on track to achieving all your amazing goals!

Here is a really cool app that I found that makes you and your family’s life easier, check it out and let me know how you like it:



Let me know if I can help you anymore in this process!

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