As women, daughters, sisters, wives, friends and girlfriends we often struggle with this destructive voice in our heads that tell us to question our worth. That voice could come from a guy who makes you feel like you are never “pretty enough”. Or a parent that makes you feel trying your hardest will never be “good enough”. This post is for you, and if you’ve never experienced this kind of doubt share this article with someone who needs it.

Inspired by the book:

I was inspired to write about this topic by the book “Am I Enough” by Grace Valentine.  My friend and I are reading the book together and are having discussions about each chapter. I am currently working to rebuild my confidence after a hard time in my life. I found myself seeking reassurance that I can only find from God and within myself.

Can any of you ladies relate to this void?  What I have found through several friendships I have is that I am not as alone with this type of thinking as I thought. I figured wow, if a young woman just like me can write a book on this topic there must be thousands of other women who struggle with their worth and confidence as well.

Are you like me, just tired of trying to be “enough” for someone or something? If so, I want to share a few things with you from this book.  I am really excited to read more as I am just in the first chapter. Grace Valentine first starts off the book by listing the lies the world tells us women that impact how we view ourselves.

The 10 Lies:

  1. You are beautiful because a guy told you so.
  2. Love must be earned.
  3. Forget your past.
  4. When you don’t look “presentable”, hide.
  5. Numbers are the judge of beauty.
  6. God just wants to be your friend.
  7. Strong women cry only in the bathroom.
  8. Nicholas Sparks writes the best love stories.
  9. Prayer is only for when you need help.
  10. You will never be enough.

Through this book Grace shows us how to deconstruct those lies and replace them with the TRUTH.

As women we were created for a greater purpose than to “look good”. Looks will always fade but what shouldn’t is your heart, character and integrity. She also says if we base our worth on what the world says it will always fail us.

Societies impact:

This kind of makes me think about when gigantic fake boobs were really popular in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Somewhere after the early 2000’s there was a shift and having big fake butts is the new thing. Now we see this wave of women doing everything they can naturally and artificially to get big butts. And the having huge boobs faded with time.

Imagine if every time society tells us to do something we do it. No wonder why we get so confused about who we really are.. we are waiting to please others or get their reassurance. But what happens if we don’t get it from who we want to give it to us? Will we be ok..or will we feel less than?

What we can do about it:

We unfortunately can’t  control how others treat us or what they think about us. We have to make sure we are so secure within ourselves on the inside so approval or not we KNOW we are enough. This will be a learning process for the both of us.

I give up on allowing what other people say or do make me feel less than. It takes too much energy out of me to continue caring. So as I continue to read this book I will update you on the wisdom I receive. I hope you will join me on this journey too I have linked the book to this post. Shop directly from Amazon to check it out for yourself.

If you do, let me know by commenting below!

Have an amazing week,