If you asked me today why people my age visit wineries I wouldn’t quite know the reason. What I do know is, as you age the places that become your new “cool” spot to hang out mature and change.

For me, I knew my life shifted the first time I visited Childress Vineyards in Lexington North Carolina.

You always see people posting their adorable fancy Vineyard or Winery pictures. The picture usually screams  “Hey, look at me, I’m sophisticated I’m at a winery” that was so me when I first visited Childress Vineyards – Ha! who am I kidding! I was more like what am I doing here, I can’t afford this, I know nothing about wine.

I’m going to jump right in and tell you all about my experience and 5 reasons I think you should be super bougie and visit a winery today! Well, maybe not today because it’s Wednesday and who drinks on a Wednesday? *wink, wink*.

Y.O.L.O :

You only live once!

Quite frankly who doesn’t want to experience something you’ve never done before? Me!  I have major fomo (fear of missing out). I want to go to the places people say they have the best time at, I want to be in the social mix even if I may or may not talk to anyone, visiting Childress Vineyards was just that for me.

I have always heard and seen friends going to wineries but never had a reason to go myself. Well, last week I convinced my friend Jennifer to come along with me and must I say we had the best time. I can now say this experience has been checked off my bucket list and maybe not just for one time- It was so good I WILL be returning.


It is SO Affordable- Really Affordable :

Ok, so I always thought a trip like this would leave me no choice but to drink water instead of food to fill my stomach until my next paycheck because of how expensive they were, but boy, was I mistaken!
Childress Vineyards has FREE, yes I mean free, with no strings attached free tours around the property where you get to see wine cellars, how the wine is made and so much more.

Not only did I tour the vineyard I also signed up for a wine tasting which- get this, was only $12 bucks for not 1, not 2, not 3 but 8 wine samples. The samples were very generous too, and the best part is you can take home your very own Childress Wine right from the Vineyard for about 13 dollars.

Really Good Wine, Actually Amazing Wine:


The best thing about experiencing the wine tasting was getting the chance to really figure out what I like before I buy it. How many times have you been in the store playing Russian Roulette with your wine choices? Well, play no longer, when you have a tasting you decide which ever you like, and you buy it, it is really that simple. I took home the Childress Reisling which is a delicious sweet white wine and the best part is once I finish my current bottle I can pick it up right at my local grocery store.

Go on a FREE Date Night:

One of my favorite things about gorgeous locations, you don’t have to spend a dime! I toured the winery, experienced tastings and also ate at their bistro simply to experience all I could. But if my friend and I really wanted to we could have brought a book or even cuter- a picnic blanket and made our selves at home.

Around the vineyard you can find so many seating areas where you can eat and drink at and even cooler, once the inside closes the staff lets customers continue to enjoy their time outside as long as they want. How cute would this be as a first date or even a girls night out! Everyone pitches in for a bottle or two and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.


Be a Selfie Queen:

Did you really even go if you didn’t take a picture! My blogger friend and I don’t really go anywhere without snapping a picture- don’t judge us it’s in our blood HA. So what better way to flick it up with your friends , even co-workers than to stop by a pretty vineyard and capture the most beautiful Summer, Spring or Fall pics. Your Instagram will thank me later.

All my North Carolina readers I want to know if you have ever been here if so comment below how your experience was.

If not what other questions do you have for me?

I will leave a few details below you need to check out asap because admit it, you don’t want the fomo either.

Childress Vineyards

1000 Childress Vineyard Rd., Lexington, NC 27295